paperplates books
A small publishing house in midtown Toronto, paperplates books is mainly interested in short fiction and personal essays. So far, we have published the following titles (directly available for sale on their respective pages):
Lola by Night
by Norman Ravvin

Dreaming Home, Stories by Emerging Writers
selected by Bethany Gibson

Sex, Skyscrapers, and Standard Yiddish
by Norman Ravvin

The Doctor's House
by Cary Fagan

Under the imprint espresso, we have published four (limited edition) chapbooks: Hanky by Bernard Kelly; Written in Pencil by Martha Baillie; Bone Hinged by Beth Follett; and Naturally Speaking by Sandra Alland. The first three titles are no longer in print. Naturally Speaking is available here.

Our electronic offerings, published under the imprint paperbytes, are available elsewhere on this site.