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“My younger sister told her kindergarten teacher that Mom had been spayed. How she knew this I do not know. That is the story my father was telling in the Grill Room, and the men were laughing. The Grill Room was filled with men.” – Kelly Graham, I am not a boy “The girl sat up. Her confused eyes scanned the room, stopped, and focused. ‘Who are you?’ she asked. Her voice was slow and thick. I started to reply but the nurse said, ‘The doctor who saved your life.’” – Olaf Kroneman, Triplets “And typical apex dreams? Chasing dreams, flying dreams, sexual dreams, sensing a presence-in-the-room dreams, superior knowledge dreams, seeing-one’s-self-dead dreams, travelling-to-another-planet or -universe dream, encountering-God-in-some-form dream.” – Sarah A. Odishoo, Dream on “In ancient Corinth, / it seemed just yesterday, / the girl walked near the the long, / columned shadows of the stoa, / her black eyes, her black hair / basking in a vivid Aegean sun ... .” – David Sapp, Acanthus “Great stuttering oat-heels, / another poem about meringue / and mushroom spores. Another poem whipped off / by a creaking cupboard door ... .” – Bruce McRae, Not another poem “She‘d have to take time off work. Find her passport. Figure out what the hell you wore to a Viking funeral in Iceland in May. Or say no? Bow out? Stick Karl on a shelf in the hall closet, and shut the door?” – Rebecca Da Silva, The Halls of Valhalla Death Ride “I think my bosses think our friendship / is an office affair to remember. // It‘s bad enough one‘s a lesbian, / but for her to love another here in the office? ... .” – Diane Webster, Friendship look-alike “When Tom thinks of Marie, he think of her in the kitchen or the garden. These were her spaces. Whenever she wasn‘t in one of them, she seemed detached, anonymous. While having coffee in the living room, for instance, she might pick up a figurine and say, ‘Is this ours? Where did we get this?’” – Theressa Slind, Like the girl she imagines in Paris “I live in a shack in the wilderness. / Without ink, I write poems in my own blood. / I pick wild roses just so the thorns / will pierce my skin. / It hurts but I need the metaphors.” – John Grey, Hermitage ... and much more ...

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Our series paperpbytes is a collection of stories submitted to the magazine that we thought deserved to be published all on their own – and (incidentally) in a format suitable for the smaller screen.

Contributors so far have included Richard Brown, Michael Bryson, Myles Chilton, Mary Frances Coady, Jon Fried, Dave Hazzan, Ellen Jaffe, Adrian Kelly, Lisa Lebedovich, Catharine Leggett, Robert Lindsey, Bill MacDonald, Steve Owad, Uday Prakash, Li Robbins, Ben Woestenburg, A.C. Wright, and Brent Yamamoto.


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